Hey! I'm Edgar, a nomad. 

From a very young age I felt the need to move. At school I did not have a hard time learning but in spite of it I was one of the restless ones, those little beings that, for some reason, seem to not accept to be there inside for so many hours, or as if they wanted to say something with all that internal movement. Today I can realize what I wanted to say since then, that it is not necessary to be sitting in a place to learn things, not everything is necessarily learned from a book. Learning is perhaps the most diverse, entertaining, dynamic and changing thing that human beings have. That's why today my biggest challenge is to convey that the key is, to always be prepared to find. 

For several years I was an athlete and I had a constant routine, a routine that taught me a lot about life and about myself. Despite this, there was a day in 2010 that something changed inside me and almost as if by magic, I found again. Found what? Everything. I woke up what we have since childhood, that ability to be attentive to everything that is happening. Product of that I began to move, to travel through my country and some corners of the world. Today, after seven years of travel, my challenge and my desire to find are as intact as before.

Continue being instead of to be (thank you Mac)

I decided to write every day. I just read my friend Mac and like every time I see one of his emails, I sit down, relax and leave that reading with an accumulation of extreme motivations and confirmation that the nomadic life I am living is beautiful!

I said that I want to write every day, since I want to write a book to convey the concept of "the one who seeks does not find". The routine, while not very close to my lifestyle, is important when you want to develop a habit.
 I'm in Chacabuco these days, I was not born here but I grew up here, I grew up and developed some aspects of my personality of  today. Although the place where one grew up seems not to be the best for sightseeing, I think that to the extent that one can try to do other things than usual, like going out to get lost despite knowing, or opening up to find, makes you feel that you are in movement despite being in the place where you grew up, because moving is also getting to know yourself, that you see one with other faces and have reasons to reflect every day.

Selling stuffed breads in Chacabuco was difficult for me to imagine two years ago, today it is the activity that gives me more joy and fulfillment when I go for a walk in the squares of the city, watching everything from another perspective that I did not know before and having fun, How people see me. There are those who do not understand what stuffed bread is, there are those who look at me with surprise and there are also those who know me from before and can not understand how I get to sell bread on the street. But there are moments that I have kept forever, the faces of the most simple and transparent smiles, being happy for a moment that they are eating something delicious. Of course children are the ones who show these emotions the most, but there are also those who are older and that makes me happy.

It feels very nice being different me’s in my own environment, in my own city. One feels free, loose, happy and simple. I have several days left here before returning to Europe for the third time. On this occasion behind a great dream, to get the Italian citizenship recognized. Meanwhile, I will continue selling bread, I will continue discovering other Chacabucos and I will continue offering several faces of my being, or, better: I will continue being instead of to be.

New challenges

Three of the seven years of this nomadic life, I was fortunate to be accompanied by a person who did not only fill me with love, but also was fundamental in adding artistic value to Chacay from several aspects. With Pau we traveled in Bulgaria for three months last year, we traveled through almost all of Argentina, and she even ended up being fundamental in many qualities for some of Chacay's projects. It will not be easy to get used to traveling alone for a while, and even more so, having found a great company that strengthened the project. Despite this, this new stage is accompanied by a lot of challenges, which will aim to professionalize the nomadism.

October will be a month of paperwork and traveling through some cities with the stuffed breads, a bit like closing a great stage and also as a farewell to this nice process of cooking to sell. New great challenges are coming in this nomadic life. The first and most important, the recognition of Italian citizenship, and with it the opening to be able to specify more freely the Chacay movement for Europe. New ideas are being developed with great friendships on that continent, as well as the dissemination of current projects or projects that are about to be completed.

For this it will be necessary that my procedure of recognition of the Italian citizenship is a success. I will need that wonderful energy that you have transmitted to me for example to accompany me with that difficult moment of my accident in the eye. 

Once I have an Italian passport in hand, there are many  beautiful objectives related to "the one who searches can not find" and many other things, that I will tell you little by little.

Thank you all and happy spring or happy fall wherever you are!

Travelling with bread

One of the main passions and abilities that I discovered in my nomadic life, was the love to cooking and the possibility of making money with stuffed breads.

Having discovered the bread, not only ended up being a good economic opportunity, but also a constant exercise of effort and feeling complete by doing something that makes people happy.

With the stuffed breads I met people, I discovered passions, I traveled around the world and I could even awake travel options in others, which they are still using today.

It have been seven years of nomadic life, where the stuffed bread was their main economic source, and that makes me feel very happy and proud of the simplicity to which I aspire and arrive. To all this I have to add the gratitude I feel towards each of you, who were open minded to try the bread in different circumstances, or to spread my project for the simple taste of a meal made by my hands. Because this is what a bread can also generate: trust. If someone buys something from a stranger and what he buys gives him joy and satisfaction, it is because previously there was a trust that allowed such an act.

When I talk about my project "the one who seeks does not find" I refer at a certain point to this. How important it is to be able to relate even more with the unknown or strangers. Through these relationships we can move towards a world more understanding and open to changes.

To belong or not to belong

I like to not belong. Not to be part of groups, of specific institutions, of beliefs, of political parties, of homelands. Not belonging to anything of all that makes me stand aside from normality. In spite of that, I feel at times much more connected to the environment than most of those who do belong to all that.

We fight for truths, we raise flags, we defend colors, ideas. We support concepts generally accepted by majorities. We have friendship groups, where the codes managed by these groups are more in accord with business agreements than with friendship. We also dress to look and belong to something we call society, and we try to always be on the side of the good, without even knowing or understanding what would be good. What we lack? Something as simple as connecting with the other. We believe that we embrace the other, but we only embrace the causes that speak of the other. We believe that we know the other, but we only encourage ourselves to look in the eyes of perhaps two, three or four people from our immediate environment or group. We think we know what the other feels, wants and thinks, but we only imagine all that product of what is said, or what others who know about that person assures us. I wonder if it is so difficult to really connect with an unknown person, to strip him of all prejudice, and to see him in the eyes, to see him as a human being in movement, dynamic, constantly changing. Or is it real that it affects us so much that since childhood we are taught to be afraid of the unknown?

Meanwhile, we feed mediocrity. We continue to concentrate on our own life goals, we join certain causes, we donate pennies in the supermarket without even knowing that it is in the end the supermarket that donates in its name. We discuss with someone and we are relieved to feel on the "right" or "right side”, as if something really true existed. And so we go, that's how we live. Not to mention those that really go all over. Those are out of all text, of all thought and reflection.

Being nomadic allowed me to be closer to the unknown all the time, and like that I learned that one recognizes oneself much more in this way, and even discovers a new world of abilities and tastes that we thought we did not have. But above all things, we see the other in a different state to which we tend to see it. A state in movement, dynamic. We see it changing as we also change and we change to measures that we know and connect with others.

If you got here, I'm not asking you to be nomads like me, I'm just asking you to look around and try to really know everyone around you. Look at them without prejudice, without preconceptions. Do not think that such a person is like that, ask, problematize, talk, reflect, do not assume something. You will see that, as the closest and most known become unknown, the unknown will be deconstructed.

Can you encourage yourself to leave your circle of comfort?

There are many ways to get out of our circle of comfort, not necessarily traveling away from where we are or live. Within our own city, our own life and routine, we also can. 

For that, it is necessary to be willing to what I call “finding”. To be finding is to be in an internal movement that allows us to see that most of the time, many things are happening around us, while we believe that nothing is happening. And when I talk about this, do not think about paranormal things or weird events. I speak of something as simple as seeing the same people we see every day, but seeing them “being” and not as they “are”. Einstein said, that it is easier to disintegrate an atom than a prejudice. I bring this example, because when we see how the other person "is", it is just that preconception, prejudice or preconceived idea that we have and that we were building from that person. On the other hand, when we see the person "being", it means understanding the world and everything that is inside it as something dynamic, constantly changing and moving. Therefore, those same people that we think we know from every day, we maybe do not know them as much as we think, and vice versa. 

This exercise of deconstruction of other people is not only a way to get out of the circle of comfort, it is even the best and most important. Why? Because like this we encourage ourselves to get away a little more from our physical circle, or to take an unconventional trip, or to join unknown activities, or even to discover new capabilities that we have, but did not realize. To get to all this, before anything, it necesarry to understand the world in which we are moving. Understand that nothing is static, that nothing is present pure and quiet as we believe. Everything is flowing, dancing, moving and being.

Wake up and look around and you will see how everything moves, even you. Every idea, every thought already happened by just thinking about it. Encourage the exercise of seeing your surroundings and your circle with other eyes, with the eyes of “finding”, and you will see not only how nothing seems boring, but also that the idea of the world seems too small.


First time in Uruguay. The first impression I have is the confirmation that we are really culturally siblings. I am taking a beautiful experience of this country with me, warm people, open and, above all, transparent. As you know I am not a tourist and therefore I did not necessarily have to know the typical places of the country. The reason of this trip was to accompany my main life and travel companion in recent years to update her visa. With Pau we decided to go to Montevideo by boat, we spent a few days there with Paula who hosted us and treated us wonderfully. Unfortunately we could not see Uruguay going to the semifinals of the World Cup, but the experience of the game is the same.

We are now since four days in Fray Bentos. In this small town Del Rio Uruguay we were received by the great Joaquín, of whom one could already say that he is a great friend. Another experience of this giant community called Couchsurfing. Joaquín and Mauricio are making us live beautiful moments in these beautiful lands not so far away and they are generating us, little by little, the feeling that as soon as we leave here, despite having nomadic souls, we will miss them.

Today we discovered that the pastries are not as bad as they seem to be for the environment, although we know that we would prefer an utopian world without industries. Joaquín took us on a tour of the entire internal process of the plant and I must admit that it was a very interesting and unforgettable experience. It is incredible to imagine for just one second everything the human being got to. See trunks transform into cellulose and think about everything we use that comes from there, generates something big inside one.

Uruguay is giving us and a lot. We’d like to stay longer and get to know new cities. We will see how this nomadic soul continues ...

Being a nomad

To live being a nomad, you first thing you need is the decision to leave the circle of comfort to find new experiences in the famous "unknown". What is it that we do not know? It is nothing more than the same as we know, with the extra of the emotion that comes from discovering a lot like when we were children. But being nomadic is not just going out and traveling, it is being aware of what we are finding on the way and that allows us to reflect on our thoughts, ideas and previous structures. As we are finding, we will discover new tastes, abilities, passions and aptitudes, that, added to the different possibilities and opportunities that come our way, we will gradually trace our path.

To be nomadic is to be finding, and therefore it is to be free. It is living and stop living "the life". But perhaps the most important thing about being nomadic is not to feel the need of moving constantly, and that we do not regret the idea of wanting to return. Going and coming does not matter being nomadic.

Perhaps, as many postmodern writers and philosophers said, it is necessary at least once in life to leave our circle of comfort, and, stripped of everything, to live the very existence of things, and then, if we wish, return to the routine.

If you try, you will not be the same person.

While traveling, you are becoming child again

I always felt that traveling was something magical. When I was just a kid, every time my parents told me that we were going to Buenos Aires, my energies changed incredibly. Today I choose to write this from Buenos Aires and despite the distance to those years, every day that I have to get up to move to a new place, those energies come back to life again.
At times I wondered if I was born for this, and I ended up convincing myself that being a Mayan warrior whos main function is to question everything, I did not correspond to a specific place, but to move. However, there was something as simple as problematizing that ended up convincing me even more of this nomadic life that we have. What was it that I felt and experienced so strong?
Childhood. Yes, childhood. When you travel, no matter how close that trip is, you are clear of all the protection or armor with which you live habitually in your place, we could say that in a certain point you ARE, each time you travel. That circle of comfort in which one moves is no longer there, and therefore there is no other option but to deconstruct everything and give great importance to things that may go by unnoticed in the place of everyday life. And if the trip involves going further and changing culture or even language and writing, there you are stripped of everything and welcome the magic! You might believe that traveling without a language with which to communicate becomes tedious and impossible. No, quite the opposite. The trip in another culture and without languages to communicate, does not do more than deposit you again in the childhood. It is a wonderful experience, where we take off all our adult clothes, with which we define ourselves, structure and relate in our daily lives. Everything that makes up what we are, is no longer there. One has to reopen to everything, and with it come constant motivation, shyness, ease, desire to discover and innocence, among other things. If with these characteristics we can not associate travel with childhood, it is because we have never been children. The child plays, has no principles, discovers and decodes everything around him, the same thing we do when we travel as an adult, but as children.
This not only motivates us to travel, but it also shows us once again that childhood is not a moment of our lives. On the contrary, it is a timeless state, which could be defined by certain characteristics that only awaken them back. Do not let just the trips awaken you from childhood, and encourage yourself to deconstruct the concept of travel and you will see that we do not necessarily have to leave our city or our surroundings to travel.

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