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Being a nomad

To live being a nomad, you first thing you need is the decision to leave the circle of comfort to find new experiences in the famous "unknown". What is it that we do not know? It is nothing more than the same as we know, with the extra of the emotion that comes from discovering a lot like when we were children. But being nomadic is not just going out and traveling, it is being aware of what we are finding on the way and that allows us to reflect on our thoughts, ideas and previous structures. As we are finding, we will discover new tastes, abilities, passions and aptitudes, that, added to the different possibilities and opportunities that come our way, we will gradually trace our path.

To be nomadic is to be finding, and therefore it is to be free. It is living and stop living "the life". But perhaps the most important thing about being nomadic is not to feel the need of moving constantly, and that we do not regret the idea of wanting to return. Going and coming does not matter being nomadic.

Perhaps, as many postmodern writers and philosophers said, it is necessary at least once in life to leave our circle of comfort, and, stripped of everything, to live the very existence of things, and then, if we wish, return to the routine.

If you try, you will not be the same person.

While traveling, you are becoming child again

I always felt that traveling was something magical. When I was just a kid, every time my parents told me that we were going to Buenos Aires, my energies changed incredibly. Today I choose to write this from Buenos Aires and despite the distance to those years, every day that I have to get up to move to a new place, those energies come back to life again.
At times I wondered if I was born for this, and I ended up convincing myself that being a Mayan warrior whos main function is to question everything, I did not correspond to a specific place, but to move. However, there was something as simple as problematizing that ended up convincing me even more of this nomadic life that we have. What was it that I felt and experienced so strong?
Childhood. Yes, childhood. When you travel, no matter how close that trip is, you are clear of all the protection or armor with which you live habitually in your place, we could say that in a certain point you ARE, each time you travel. That circle of comfort in which one moves is no longer there, and therefore there is no other option but to deconstruct everything and give great importance to things that may go by unnoticed in the place of everyday life. And if the trip involves going further and changing culture or even language and writing, there you are stripped of everything and welcome the magic! You might believe that traveling without a language with which to communicate becomes tedious and impossible. No, quite the opposite. The trip in another culture and without languages to communicate, does not do more than deposit you again in the childhood. It is a wonderful experience, where we take off all our adult clothes, with which we define ourselves, structure and relate in our daily lives. Everything that makes up what we are, is no longer there. One has to reopen to everything, and with it come constant motivation, shyness, ease, desire to discover and innocence, among other things. If with these characteristics we can not associate travel with childhood, it is because we have never been children. The child plays, has no principles, discovers and decodes everything around him, the same thing we do when we travel as an adult, but as children.
This not only motivates us to travel, but it also shows us once again that childhood is not a moment of our lives. On the contrary, it is a timeless state, which could be defined by certain characteristics that only awaken them back. Do not let just the trips awaken you from childhood, and encourage yourself to deconstruct the concept of travel and you will see that we do not necessarily have to leave our city or our surroundings to travel.

Teodora Simeonova, Sofía, Bulgaria

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