I'm Edgar, a nomad. 

From a very young age I felt the need to move. At school I did not have a hard time learning but in spite of it I was one of the restless ones, those little beings that, for some reason, seem to not accept to be there inside for so many hours, or as if they wanted to say something with all that internal movement. Today I can realize what I wanted to say since then, that it is not necessary to be sitting in a place to learn things, not everything is necessarily learned from a book. Learning is perhaps the most diverse, entertaining, dynamic and changing thing that human beings have. That's why today my biggest challenge is to convey that the key is, to always be prepared to find. 

For several years I was an athlete and I had a constant routine, a routine that taught me a lot about life and about myself. Despite this, there was a day in 2010 that something changed inside me and almost as if by magic, I found again. Found what? Everything. I woke up what we have since childhood, that ability to be attentive to everything that is happening. Product of that I began to move, to travel through my country and some corners of the world. Today, after seven years of travel, my challenge and my desire to find are as intact as before.